Lather: The Twinkle Jackson Story ~ Chapter five


What do you get when a bunch of madcap writers from different genres get together in a round robin series of story writing where each author picks up where the last author left off and redirects the storyline as his or her particular genius and peculiarity decides to take it? You get a novella with more twists and turns than a massively snarled ball of twine. Genres get mangled and meshed into the storyline. All of it is great fun and quite entertaining.


Lather: the Twinkle Jackson Story is the second round robin in this bizarre collaboration. So far the story has evolved as follows:

The list of blogs housing the various chapters of the story can be found on the blog of Laird Sapir. It’s my turn to contribute chapter 5 — but first I strongly encourage you to read the first 4 installments if you haven’t already.


Lather: The Twinkle Jackson Story ~ Chapter five



Twinkle turned to find Jupernia whispering in his ear, “Stick a couple of Sparkle Suds Soap bars in your pockets before they grab you. I’ll create a distraction.” With that Jupernia rushed toward the great lobster, bowling over some Shrimperators along the way. Then suddenly she seemed to trip, landing from a sliding fall at the feet of the immense figure. The Shrimperators, momentarily forgetting about Twinkle, rushed to pick up their Lord’s advisor from her ignominious position. A couple of bars of soap rapidly disappeared into Twinkle’s pockets.


“Bring him.” With that imperious shout, Lord Lobster turned and stalked off into his ship. Twinkle, surrounded by Shrimperators, was forced to follow. Jupernia reluctantly followed up the ramp and sealed the ship’s access port in preparation for flight. While the crew began their preparations for the trip back to the base, Twinkle was dragged before the great lobster again.

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